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5 Signs You May Be Called to Deliverance Ministry

Deliverance ministry is a powerful spiritual practice that involves following the instruction of Jesus to set both captives and prisoners free from spiritual bondage and oppression. Please be advised, this type of ministry is not for the faint of heart and can be dangerous no matter how much experience one has in this area. Have you ever wondered if you are called to deliverance ministry? Though there are many signs that may indicate one’s calling into this ministry, this blog post is narrowed down to my opinion of the top 5 most common signs that someone may be called to deliverance ministry.

1. Strong Spiritual Discernment

One of the most important signs that someone may be called to deliverance ministry is strong spiritual discernment. In other words, someone called to deliverance ministry likely possesses keen discernment of the presence of evil spirits. They likely also have a heightened sensitivity to spiritual activity and the innate ability to distinguish between the Holy Spirit, and angelic/demonic forces. Oftentimes, this person functions highly in the gift of discerning of spirits.

2. Compassion for the oppressed

Another key sign of a calling to deliverance ministry is compassion for the oppressed. If I were ranking these signs, this is probably the most essential, because it embodies the heart and will of the Father. Those called to this type of ministry have a deep desire to see others set free from spiritual bondage, torment, and oppression. They are unwaveringly motivated by love and compassion for those who are suffering and are willing to invest their time and energy into helping people find true healing and freedom. Their motives are humble and pure, and the fruit of their ministry points people directly to Jesus.

3. A deep understanding of Scripture

A deep understanding of Scripture is also essential for those called to deliverance ministry. If a deliverance minister does not have a solid foundation in the Word of God and is unable to use Scripture to support their prayers and commands while engaged with a demon in a deliverance session, things can get really dangerous really quick. Read about the Sons of Sceva in Acts 19 for more details on that. A successful deliverance minister must have a clear understanding of the rules of engagement when it comes to spiritual warfare as described in the Bible.

4. A history of personal deliverance

Another important sign of a calling to deliverance ministry is a history of personal deliverance. Those who have been delivered from demonic forces themselves may feel a calling to help others find the same freedom and healing they’ve experienced firsthand. Having gone through the process, they are able to relate to those who are struggling with spiritual oppression and have a deep understanding of how the power and love of God set people free! There is so much power in the testimony and levels of faith tend to rise as a result.

5. Confirmation from others in the church

Finally, those who are called to deliverance ministry likely will receive confirmation from others in the body of Christ regarding this calling on their life. This confirmation could come in the form of prophetic words, dreams, or visions that affirm what God is likely already stirring in the individual’s heart. Confirmation may also come from other trusted individuals, leaders, or pastors in the church who recognize the gifting or anointing for this ministry on an individual.

In conclusion, if you believe you may be called to this ministry, I encourage you to get under a spiritual covering. Be it an ordaining body, or the leadership at your church. Don’t lone wolf it out there. Seek guidance and confirmation from trusted spiritual leaders and take steps to develop your gifts and talents in this area. Coming under authority and accountability will help ground you and help you in the long run. If you’re really called by God to do this, humility, love, and wisdom are three of the most essential character traits you must possess, or the devil will eat you up and spit you out before you even realize you’ve been bitten.

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