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Our Monthly Gatherings

At Rebuilt Ruins Ministries, we are committed to creating safe spaces where you can experience the power of God in a tangible way. We invite you to join us for our two dynamic monthly gatherings: Freedom Friday and War-Zone. These services are designed to help you grow in faith, find healing, build community and equip people for spiritual battles.

Freedom Friday

About Freedom Friday: Freedom Friday is an unconventional worship service dedicated to worship, healing, and freedom. Each month, we gather to lift our voices in praise, engage in deep prayer, and experience the presence of God. Our goal is to build a safe and supportive environment where individuals, families, and groups can gather corperately with like-minded individuals who are seeking God on similar journeys of healing.

Why This Format: We believe that worship is a powerful weapon against spiritual forces of wickedness. By coming together in worship, we can create an atmosphere where God's presence is felt, leading to personal breakthroughs, healing, and a deeper connection with Him. Freedom Friday is an opportunity to celebrate God's goodness and see lives transformed.


About War-Zone: War-Zone is dedicated to equipping people for spiritual warfare. This service focuses on training and empowering individuals to recognize and combat spiritual attacks. We tackle tough and "messy" subjects that you may not hear preached about on a Sunday morning. This is a time of immersive teaching and practical application, designed to help people navigate through spiritual warfare subjects. Whether you are going through spiritual warfare or desiring to help others who are, War-Zone is a great place to get equipped to fight the good fight!

Why We Do It: We understand that spiritual warfare is a reality for many believers, and it is essential to be prepared. War-Zone provides tools and knowledge needed to face these battles with confidence. By understanding the mechanics behind spiritual warfare, you can effectively lead yourself and others into a place of healing and freedom in Jesus name.

Prayer Ministry

One of the main reasons we hold these services is to provide a safe and loving space for those who are waiting for ministry sessions or have already completed sessions who may require some additional ministry. Each service includes dedicated time for personal ministry by the Rebuilt Ruins Ministry Team, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the transformative power of God.

Join Us

We look forward to welcoming you to Freedom Friday and War-Zone. Whether you're seeking healing, deeper faith, or training in spiritual warfare, our gatherings are designed to support and empower you on your journey. Come and experience the transformative power of God in a community of believers dedicated to spiritual growth and victory.

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Stay Connected

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