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Our Process

At Rebuilt Ruins Ministries, our primary goal is to usher in the peace and presence of the Holy Spirit. We invite Him to set the pace and course of our sessions, with our number one focus of being vessels of God's transformative love for the person in front of us.

The Deliverance Session

During sessions, we confront and interrogate the demonic to identify and break their specific legal rights. We maintain the person's dignity and do not allow demons to manifest wildly. We rely entirely on the power and authority of Jesus and the wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit to guide us.

Pastor Matt leads each session with a two-person intercessory team trained extensively by him. Pastor Matt is an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ through The Missionary Church International and a graduate of Bob Larson's International School of Exorcism, Advanced Academy of Deliverance, College of Apologetics and Demonology, and is currently enrolled in the Institute of Supernatural Studies. With countless hours of research and hundreds of exorcisms performed, including corporate and one-on-one sessions, Pastor Matt brings a wealth of experience to each session.

Session Details

Communication: After submitting the Deliverance Application, an automatic email will be sent to the email address you provided. If you do not see the confirmation email in your inbox or updates folder, please check your spam or junk folders. To ensure you receive future emails, add to your contacts. If you do not receive the confirmation email, it likely means a field was missed on the application, and you will need to fill it out again. Once the application is received, there may be a wait time before Pastor Matt contacts you to schedule your session via text message on the number you provided. You will receive a reminder text message the day before your session with a link to a short prep video and the address where your session will be held.

Time: Each session is designed to last 90 minutes but often extends to 2 hours. Please plan accordingly, as we do not provide childcare. If you have any time constraints, please inform us before the session starts.


Cost: We do not charge for deliverance sessions, but there are costs associated with each session. We never want money to hinder anyone from receiving deliverance, but if you have the means, we encourage you to make a generous donation. Our sessions are valued at a $100 minimum suggested donation. This ministry is fertile soil, and your donation is integral to helping us continue offering sessions without cost to those who desperately need it. People often experience more freedom and healing when they do not take the session for granted because it is free. Aligning finances with faith and sowing into fertile soil helps break the poverty spirit that is assigned to destroy peoples finances and bankrupt ministries that are out there tearing down the devil's kingdom.


Post Session Follow Up: After each session, you will receive a text message with a link to our after session recommendations. This page includes a PDF copy of our after session recommendations, a link to donate, a feedback/testimony form, and additional resources to help you on your healing/freedom journey.



  1. Acceptance of Jesus: We typically do not cast out demons from individuals who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We will attempt to lead individuals to Christ during our consultation, but the decision is ultimately theirs.

  2. Consent: The person receiving ministry must fill out the Deliverance Application themselves, with two exceptions: if they are physically unable to do so or if they are a minor (a parent or legal guardian must fill out the form with their child depending on the childs age). We do NOT conduct "surprise" deliverance sessions. The individual must be aware of what they are signing up for and willing to do what it takes to maintain their freedom.

  3. No Guests: Typically, we do not allow guests during sessions, including spouses, friends, or family members (with ecxception of a parent or guardian being present for a minors).

  4. Waiver and Referrals: We may require a signed waiver before starting the session and reserve the right to decline or discontinue ministry at our discretion. In some cases, we may refer individuals to other ministries if we believe it will better serve their needs.

  5. We are Not: Licensed therapists, psychiatric or medical practitioners. If you are under the care of one, please inform us in the Deliverance Application.


Commitment to Spiritual Freedom

Though we see a high success rate in bringing people into spiritual freedom, we do not guarantee complete freedom from a single session, or any session. Multiple sessions may be necessary, depending on various factors including the applicants commitment and responsibility to align their thoughts and actions into alignment with Biblical principles that keep demons out.


Regardless of the outcome of any session, it is essential to know that God's unwavering love is always present, and He desires complete freedom for you. Our prayer is that every person we minister to encounters His love and draws closer to Jesus through our sessions.

If you would like to learn more about our stance on Deliverance Ministry Click HERE.

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Additional Deliverance Resources

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