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This Simple Tool Will Help You Take Your Social Media to the Next Level!!

Are you a small business owner, ministry, church, missionary or person who wants to promote their personal brand on social media? Chances are, if you’re reading my blog, you likely fall into at least one of those categories. As a small business owner myself who is also a pastor and a social media manager/consultant who actively helps other people and businesses promote and grow their brands, I want to share a resource with you that I find incredibly valuable!

It’s no secret that quality content is one of the number one keys to growth on social media. If you create a piece of content that sparks engagement, there isn’t an algorithm out there that won’t put you in front of more like-minded people! Simply put, the more time your content is looked at, the better it will organically do. This is why short form video content is so hot right now!

If you’re riding the TikTok /Instagram Reels wave, trying to become the next professional YouTube sensation, or somewhere in between, do yourself a favor and check out! Whether you’re a novice, intermediate, or expert, when it comes to content creation, Kapwing pronounced (KAH-PWING, not KAP-WING) has some amazing and easy to use features that will help you take your content to the next level!

With both free and pro plans, you can use their online workspace to make some pretty professional looking pieces of content. From their design studio to their templates, to their picture and video editing tools, there isn’t a lot you can’t do with their software. You can add filters to pictures and videos, audio to video, audio to GIF’s, text to images, do all sorts of cropping, create meme’s, resize, loop videos, add images to videos, make montage’s, remove backgrounds, edit green screen, watermark, subtitle, and much more!

Here's a screenshot of their photo editor in progress! I'm currently working on a way to promote our new Matthew 10:8 shirts and to do that i'm using Kapwing to help me make and edit the content!

One of my favorite Kapwing features is their subtitle tool. They make it so easy and convenient to add subtitles to your short videos! This is gold because the majority of people out there consume content on their phones with their audio off. Did you know that you’re more likely to retain someone’s attention on a video or story if there are subtitles on it? Not to mention it’s a great thing to do so those who are hearing impaired can also enjoy your content! Big shout out to the hearing-impaired community, love you guys!

You’ll find out pretty quick that Kapwing’s free features are great, and you can accomplish quite a bit with them. If you find yourself wanting to take things further and go deeper into editing, their pro version is very affordable, and the value you get from it is absolutely worth it! They offer monthly and yearly plans, and you’ll save some money if you go yearly.

I highly recommend creating a free profile with them and trying out their free features. There is a very small learning curve, but you can find plenty of online resources available both onsite as well as videos on YouTube to help teach you how to navigate through their software. I can’t recommend Kapwing enough, and I’m sure you’ll like what they have to offer too! You can check out their site by clicking here:

Happy creating!

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