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Post Session Check In

I (Pastor Matt) have created this page as a resource specifically for you. My teams and I do hundreds of deliverance sessions throughout the year. We have been so active on the front end ministering to people in our actual sessions, it has been on my heart for a while now to implement and improve our follow-up system with people who have already had a session or multiple sessions with us. 

My heart is to help you continue on in your journey of healing and freedom. I fully realize that for many, our sessions can be a very intense starting point. We likely covered a lot of important ground in our session, but you still may have a need for more inner healing, counseling, discipleship, or even a follow-up deliverance session to get more demonic stuff kicked out. So I created this page as a communication resource to check in on you.

I want to know how you're doing. I want to know how I can continue to pray for you. I want to know if you feel like you need more ministry.

I feel a connection with every single person that I minister to, and I don't always get to hear back from people, so please fill out the form below! It would really bless me to hear how you are doing :)

Post Session Check In

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Donations, Offerings, and Tithes

If you feel led to partner financially with Rebuilt Ruins Ministries, I would encourage you to do so! You've experienced first hand what the Lord does through this ministry, we are fertile soil and your financial partnership helps us to continue moving forward. No gift is too small or large, and we could really use the help (especially monthly partnerships). Many people have sessions with us and either can't or forget to donate. Please know, we are not in this for the money, but just like any other organization, there are operating costs to keep the ship floating.

Thanks so much to those of you who do/have/will sow in! Every cent goes towards furthering God's Kingdom!    

Checks can be made out to Rebuilt Ruins Ministries and given to Matt in person or mailed to: 

5638 Lake Murray Blvd. #330

La Mesa, CA. 91942

For those interested in donating via Zelle, our official ministy Zelle is attached to our ministry email: 

Venmo PayPal Are both under @RebuiltRuins777 and can be accessed via the buttons below.

Social Media

Would you consider helping us grow on social media? Please follow us If you're in Instagram or Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel! Our username is rebuiltruins777 on all three. You can access them via the buttons below.

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